Tree Plantation Initiative

Tree Plantation Initiative

Tree Plantation Initiative


For the past 24 years, our Tree Plantation Initiative has been dedicated to transforming landscapes and empowering communities through sustainable forestry practices. Our unique tree plantation model incorporates a range of features designed to protect biodiversity, support local communities, and foster a sustainable future.

Key Features

Planting Indigenous Species: We focus on planting indigenous tree species to preserve and enhance local biodiversity. By choosing native species, we ensure that our efforts contribute to the resilience and health of local ecosystems.

Community Involvement and Ownership: We engage local communities by planting trees on their own land, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the project. This approach not only strengthens community bonds but also ensures long-term commitment to tree care and maintenance.

Plantation Based on Alleviation Maps: Our plantation strategy is informed by alleviation maps, allowing us to identify the most suitable locations for planting. This scientific approach ensures optimal growth conditions and maximizes the environmental benefits of our tree-planting efforts.

Regular Follow-Up and App-Based Monitoring: To guarantee the success of our plantations, we conduct regular follow-ups and utilize app-based monitoring for up to four years. This continuous oversight helps us track the health and growth of the trees, addressing any issues promptly and ensuring high survival rates.

Tree-Based Livelihood and Entrepreneurship: Our initiative promotes tree-based livelihoods and fosters entrepreneurial opportunities within local communities. By integrating sustainable agroforestry practices, we help communities generate income and build resilient, tree-based economies.

Transforming Landscapes and Empowering Communities: Over the years, our tree plantation efforts have not only transformed landscapes but also empowered communities. Our work has nurtured a sustainable future for generations to come, creating a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship and community resilience.

Join us in our mission to plant trees, protect biodiversity, and build a sustainable future. Together, we can continue this remarkable journey of transformation and empowerment.