Greetings from Bithari Disha.


Greetings from Bithari Disha.


Since its formation in 2001, the organization has concentrated towards the upliftmen of different vulnerable section of the society. We started working on Blood crisis and Disaster.  Here our prime focuses on women and children with the support of with local youths, both boys and girls. Today the organization is not only working in the field of spreading education but also making people aware towards their better health care, livelihood, sustainable Agriculture, Child Rights,Disaster management, Save drinking water and sanitation, energy conservation techniques and their proper usage etc. 

While doing these works we concluded that community problems and crisis arise from their livelihood. They are not getting proper livelihood options.  Majorly a problem occurs with the lack of livelihood option. So we decided to work deeply on livelihood to sustain their life smoothly at present. We are planning to shift our work through scheme mode to experimental or initiative. We also want to spread out/ replicate the work for larger mass.

We are working its true but it never possible without support of people. They accept us – trust us –blessing us    we are grateful.

          I am also very thankful tolocal Government, Privet sectors,and Well-wisher individuals.


Dilip Pal